History in Redmond spans more than a century. The town’s humble beginnings provide a stark contrast to life in Redmond today. It can be hard to imagine life in 1910 and how Redmond no longer resembles a frontier town. Luckily for visitors and shoppers, remnants of Redmond’s past remain, and are on display in our various specialty boutiques and antique shops. An ever-increasing coalition of antique shopkeepers work at acquiring and curating unique finds that tell a story of life long ago and enrich the experience of a Redmond shopping excursion. Vintage treasures can be yours with a simple stroll down 6th Street and along Evergreen Avenue.

“Beyond the Ranch Antiques” is a perfect example; once the home of Tum-A-Lum Lumber, Rob & Karen Anderson have converted the lumber yard into an indoor western streetscape, complete with individual shops housing specific themes of prime western antiques. Classic bikes, skis, and snowshoes adorn the walls of one stall, while another may house children’s toys from an early pioneer life, featuring craftsmanship rarely seen in today’s toy selections. 

For a more specific find, stroll into the core of Redmond’s antique district to The Back Porch and Company and Redmond Antique Mall. Throughout the store, each individual space caters to a specific interest or theme. Whether you are shopping for a specific McCoy vase or a wagon wheel that traversed Oregon in 1880, the vintage finds are endless. Unique and antique jewelry is a highlight at Antler Inn, and vintage clothing and accessories are a specialty at Sagebrush Country Antiques. Sagebrush and The Old Creamery Antiques remind us of the high style popular way back when, with old world finery and vintage home decor. 

Finally, remember to cross over the Redmond re-route for more vintage treasures and utilitarian items at The Farmer’s Co-op, where you’ll find everything; from original farmhouse furnishings, vintage linens and collectable pottery to authentic ranch equipment. So pick up a souvenir, add to your collection, find that unique pair of vintage cowboy boots or furnish your next Redmond Home with a nod to Redmond’s past.


The Back Porch and Company
418 SW 6th St.

The Old Creamery Antiques
526 SW 6th St.

Country by Design Antiques
498 SW 6th St.

Farmer’s Coop Antiques Mall
106 SE Evergreen Ave.

Beyond the Ranch Antiques
339 SW Evergreen Ave.

Redmond Antique Mall on 5th
502 SW Evergreen Ave.

Redmond Antique Mall on 6th
535 SW 6th St.


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