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OSCC Legislative Report



Dear OSCC members:
As you know, OSCC has been following and actively lobbying in opposition to HB 2386.
The Oregon House of Representatives Committee on Business Labor passed HB 2386 yesterday morning on a 6-5 vote.
HB 2386 authorizes the Bureau of Labor and Industries (BOLI) to issue temporary cease and desist orders if the Labor Commissioner has “reason to believe” an employer has violated certain employment laws including prevailing wage, wage and hour, and general employment law statutes.
The bill will now go to the House floor likely next week.
OSCC opposes this measure because it allows BOLI to issue cease and desist orders without having to go to court. Once the order was issued, an employer would have the burden and cost of going to circuit court to prove they were NOT violating the law, and request that the order be lifted.  We ask that you contact your Representative by phone or email to voice how this bill could impact your business, and ask them to vote NO on the House Floor.